Perogies Barbequed!

By April 27, 2018perogy blog

Perogies Barbequed

Have you ever tried perogies barbequed? If not give it a try the next time you have the grilled fired up.  I tried BBQ perogies for the first time, Cheemo in fact, over 20 years ago and they are a go-to fav for our family and at most of the neighbourhood bbqs or get togethers.

BBQ Perogies Recipe in Aluminum Foil

You can check out the barbequed perogy recipe/preparation here, but it doesn’t get much easier than putting them in aluminum foil with some oil or butter, adding some onions or peppers, a tablespoon of water, and then sealing the foil up to put on the grill.  I always double wrap them and seal them pretty well so I can flip the foil pack over after about 7 or 8 minutes on a low-medium grill, then give them another 8 or so minutes to crisp em up nice!  Everyone has their own preference for how crispy fried they like them so experiment a little.

Don’t be afraid to put precooked bacon bits in there too, or mushrooms, peppers etc.  I use the Cheemo perogies which have been steam cooked at the 4-million-perogies-a-day plant, so they don’t require boiling first.  If you are going to use home made make sure they have been cooked/boiled first.

Send us a note and or pic at [email protected] if have barbequed perogies and we will send you a coupon for a free bag of our perogies. 🙂 (one coupon per household).

This blogging has made me hungry!  Of to barbeque some Cheemo  Bacon & Romano Cheese Perogies….. mmmm.