News Release

CHEEMO introduces Unconventional Perogies™ brand

Edmonton, Alberta – In a move to reflect the ever-changing tastes of Canadians, Heritage Frozen Foods Ltd.  is introducing a new line of CHEEMO Perogies – Unconventional Perogies™. The first flavour available in this new brand is South Asian Style Curry. This is a vegetarian perogy filled with a savoury and delicately spiced curried potato, with cheese, carrots and cilantro.

“For over 40 years our family has provided Canadians with high quality, great tasting perogies at a reasonable cost,” says Joe Makowecki, President of Edmonton-headquartered Heritage Frozen Foods.

“With the introduction of our Unconventional Perogies™, we continue to provide our customers with premium perogies that reflect the very nature of our multi-cultural society. CHEEMO’s Unconventional Perogies™ represent Canada’s changing ethnic landscape and our customers’ growing interests in international cuisine.”  

“CHEEMO’s Unconventional Perogies™ enable Canadians to experience the taste of Canadian Fusion –a blend of international cuisines–while maintaining our ongoing dedication to quality and value that has been a hallmark of our family-owned company from its inception.”

Heritage Frozen Foods is a Canadian family-owned and –operated company that has been providing its customers with high quality value-priced perogies since 1972. For great CHEEMO recipes, visit

For more information, contact: Taylor Johnson
Ph: 780.454.7383