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Perogies Barbequed!

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Perogies Barbequed

Have you ever tried perogies barbequed? If not give it a try the next time you have the grill fired up.  I tried BBQ perogies for the first time, Cheemo in fact, over 20 years ago and they are a go-to fav for our family and at most of the neighbourhood bbqs or get togethers.

BBQ Perogies Recipe in Aluminum Foil

You can check out the barbequed perogy recipe/preparation here, but it doesn’t get much easier than putting them in aluminum foil with some oil or butter, adding some onions or peppers, a tablespoon of water, and then sealing the foil up to put on the grill.  I always double wrap them and seal them pretty well so I can flip the foil pack over after about 7 or 8 minutes on a low-medium grill, then give them another 8 or so minutes to crisp em up nice!  Everyone has their own preference for how crispy fried they like them so experiment a little.

Don’t be afraid to put precooked bacon bits in there too, or mushrooms, peppers etc.  I use the Cheemo perogies which have been steam cooked at the 4-million-perogies-a-day plant, so they don’t require boiling first.  If you are going to use home made make sure they have been cooked/boiled first.

Give barbequed perogies a try and let us know what you think!

This blogging has made me hungry!  Off to barbeque some Cheemo  Bacon & Romano Cheese Perogies….. mmmm.


Best Perogy Recipes

Best perogy recipes?

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What is the “BEST” perogy recipe?

Mmmmm … perogies, perogy recipes!  Whether you are a traditionalist and only eat your perogies boiled and topped with bacon, onins, and sour cream, — or you are a little more adventurous and like pizza perogies barbequed crispy and dipped with salsa and sour cream, perogies have become a Canadian staple food, and most people have a favourite way to consume these delicious dumplings.  The traditional certainly are delicious, but don’t be afraid to try some new ways to serve perogies, and vary your weekly meal options.  As far as the “best” perogy recipe… read on.

So what is the BEST recipe for perogies?


Well, if you are looking to make your own perogies, be prepared to roll up your sleeves, break out the basic ingredients and spend a few hours of fun making perogies.  The recipe itself is fairly basic, and to be honest, the BEST recipe will depend on who you ask?  Many of us have family recipes passed down to us for the simple dough recipes, as well as favourite filling recipes, and if you get the right people in a room you will have some pretty passionate discussions about who has the best perogy recipe.


The basics for any traditional perogy recipe are flour, water, oil, salt, eggs, and the the filling ingredients which may include potatoes, cheddar cheese, cottage cheese, onions, green onions, dill, blueberries, and and number of other fillings.  Below you will find one of the best perogy recipes for traditional potato and cheddar cheese perogies.